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The Football League have done a U-turn which involves Rotherham United.

A couple of months ago the EFL proposed to introduce a salary cap for the coming season, probably due to the Covid-19 crisis that looked like seeing a lot of ‘smaller’ clubs ‘going under’. The proposal was that there would be a cap of £2.5m for squad wages for League One while League Two salary cap would be £1.25m as well as there being a vote that would limit the playing squads to a maximum of twenty players.

Since this was announced Portsmouth Chief Executive Mark Catlin has made no bones about the fact that he’s been against this proposal. I don’t think he’s actually against a salary cap but more that he thinks that the cap should correspond to the size of the club and what that club can afford. Personally, and it is only me saying this, I can’t see the point in having a salary cap if every club’s is different – hardly starting on a fair playing field is it.

But, another think Mr Catlin wasn’t enamoured with is the fact that the EFL were going to allow the three clubs who have just moved up from League One to the Championship would get a vote while the three clubs coming the other wouldn’t.

So, possible under pressure, the EFL have announced a U-turn where Coventry, Rotherham and Wycombe won’t get a vote but Charlton, Hull and Wigan will which will now take place on 6th August.

Honestly I can’t really see this worrying the three clubs who have moved up that much. Maybe it’s right that they shouldn’t have a vote, maybe the EFL thought the clubs going up might be able to have some impact in the vote. I might be wrong but I think that Charlton, Hull and Wigan might have something to say as I imagine, though don’t know for sure, that their current wage bill is a bit higher than is being proposed.

What do you think about it all?

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