Date: 28th May 2018 at 12:42pm
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Rotherham United Chairman Tony Stewart told Radio Sheffield that he’s going to have to sort a new contract out for Manager Paul Warne as he saw the Millers go back into the Championship via the play-offs at Wembley yesterday.

‘I’m pleased I made that decision fifteen months ago because it’s obviously paid dividends. We’ve got like a father/son relationship. What Paul has done is not just about football, it’s about gluing together a team of lads who believe in what they are doing.’

There was talk earlier this week about a three year contract for Warney, who has been on a rolling contract since being handed the permanent managers job in April last year saying that Warney just has to ‘knock on his door’.

Yesterday, Warney was asked if he’d be doing that and replied, ‘nope.’

Now, I can see this both ways.

The Chairman will want to keep Warne, and his backroom team, as Manager of his football club. Doing what he has done this season there must be other club Chairman out there watching and thinking and going for their cheque books.

On the other hand, why fix what isn’t broken? Warney seems relaxed and happy doing what he’s doing how he’s doing it and if that means staying on a ‘rolling contract’ then sobeit.

Paul Warne has only just got used to ‘his lads’ calling him Gaffer – he just always wanted to be ‘just’ Warney. If a contract of fer of two, three or four years would make him feel uncomfortable (dare I say, ‘grown up’?) then why do it.

For me, whatever Warne and Mr Stewart have it’s working fine, leave well alone.

We all know, because he’s told us often enough, that Warney loves Rotherham United and would never leave – although, now putting that down on paper means I have my fingers well and truly crossed.


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