Are We Looking At Life Without Smith And Ihiekwe?

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Rotherham United could well be looking to replace two of their most influential players from the last couple of seasons with both striker Michael Smith and centre-half Michael Ihiekwe still having not agreed a new deal.

Both players’ contracts were up this summer and both were offered new deals. Smith said he would let the club know his decision sooner rather than later – well, to be honest, sooner has been and gone and later is now upon us.

As far as I’m aware the club have heard nothing from Ihiekwe either.

We know both have been linked with other clubs – Smudge with the likes of Cardiff City, Hull City and Sheffield Wednesday (not sure why you would want to take a step backwards though?) and Icky with Derby County (again, not sure why he’d want to go there). But, it is  just over six weeks to the new season and surely the club should be demanding answers.

Both, as we fans know, would be invaluable to the club this coming season and I think we would all want them to stay. But, if they decide they want to move on then we really need to know so the club can start the re-building process.  Of course, that might already be in motion.

Will they stay or will they go? Should they stay?

Questions we could do with knowing the answers too asap.

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