Are Our Players Being Furloughed?

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There have been reports over the last couple of days, which appears to have come from the Mail Online that Rotherham United players have received letters from the club asking them to go on furlough which is a Government scheme which help companies top up wages up to a maximum of £2,500 per month.

The article says that the players were ‘stunned’ to be asked to do this but should they have been?

Back at the beginning of April Rotherham Manager Paul Warne had told local newspaper the Rotherham Advertiser that this could be on the cards saying that a number of non-playing staff were set to be furloughed although he also said that he would prefer ‘wage deferrals’ for his squad to a furlough.

If this is true – and I stress ‘If’ – then the Millers won’t be the only club to be asking players to do this with neighbours Sheffield Wednesday, who were relegated along with Rotherham, already said to have done the same.

But, it will be worrying for players, staff and fans. I don’t know how much League One players are on a month but I imagine it’s a damn sight more that £2.500 a month. And for us fans we will be thinking about the transfer window with the question ‘who wants to come to a club who isn’t paying full wages’ on their lips.

This news came out Saturday with the club not saying anything as yet – maybe it’s rubbish and they don’t feel it deserves a reply. Rotherham United are a well run club and that has been made clear to us again after the end of the season. We are never going to get players in on big wages or with big names, our Chairman is not going to let the club go into the red – we’ve been there before and had fears that the club would fold and I can’t see that happening again under the current owners.

Me. I’m waiting until we get confirmation on this story to think too hard about it.

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  • jeff pollard says:

    furlough ,a government idea, and are rufc going to be part of this scheme, i am thinking yes , i am not hearing not so from the club , as yet ,indications of sheffield wed being party to it , and there will be other clubs also ? how will this affect loss of players before the season begins ,how will it affect purchase of new players , how will this influence stewart ,in his needs , how will this affect a return to the championship in the near or distant future , introduce too many unknowns , and the writings on the wall.

    • Caz Neale (Herringthorpe) says:

      I think it’s a big decision, Jeff. As yet the club haven’t said anything – does that make us think it’s true or not?

  • Stuart webster says:

    Basically think Rotherham united have had there day , furlough or no furlough ,failed attempts at championship stability have proved there are much deeper issues with the millers ,crooks ,smith , ladapo ,wiles will all depart and it doesn’t bode well for the future , add warne still hanging around with is stale ideas it just makes it even more depressing .

    • Caz Neale (Herringthorpe) says:

      If the players don’t agree to furlough do you think the club will fold, Stuart? Can’t see it myself.

  • carlton in lidrick says:

    once again stuart is all doom and gloom but as usual not far from from the truth one breath everything is fine and dandy he told the advertiser and now furlough and i think he is spot on about the top players they will all go and rotherham will go down the pan C INL

    • Caz Neale (Herringthorpe) says:

      Yes, I saw where we were ‘OK’ too, CinL. But I also saw where the owner was going to take the proffered loan that was on offer.

  • carlton in lindrick says:

    so caz nobody is leaving on the cheap, fron what i see no body is leaving at all no bids no offers so much for our so called star players hundreds of free agents changing clubs rotherham signings so far nil. I hope the other clubs leave us one or two decent players. I dont think we are being told everything why no new players in yet C IN L

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